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Speed Capsule TT is the top tube bag designed with the level of quality, aesthetics, and attention to detail that you have come to expect from SILCA. The top tube direct mount bolts on your tri rig or gravel bike that you have been waiting for !

We spent countless hours studying how these bags were being used and what pain points existed. The biggest shortcoming of many designs was difficulty opening and closing with one hand. A seemingly small issue for some, but a much larger one when you're trying to refuel mid-race in a cross wind, or you need to grab gels for the next 60 km of gravel. We locked focus on scenarios like this and found that lack of form and low-quality zippers were the most common contributing facters to the problem.

The Solution: a structured bag with quality zipper. As with any good structure, it willl only be solid as the foundation ! The foundation of the bag is a rigid PE board to prevent it from buckling in on itself as the zipper is pulled open. The walls of the bag are formed with structured EVA foam panels that have been sewn into high strength 200D nylon. 3M reflective side panels, adorned with the SILCA shield, offer increased visibiloty and style. The zipper is a weather resiatnt YKK with a spring-loaded locking pull. Speed Capsule TT also boasts an aerodynamic profile that been optimized to fill the void between your stem and headset thanks to oval eyelets; which allow you to adjust the bag fore/aft before tightening it down with the Stainless-Steel mounting bolts.

Speed Capsule TT is 292mm long making it the perfect length for our Pocket Impero or TATTICO mini-pumps as well.

Brand: SILCA