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Firecrest Reborn

Firecrest Reborn


Zipp's wheel lineup that changed everything changes again

Zipp's Firecrest® wheel lineup and its specialty 202 Tubular climbing wheelset revolutionized what's possible with high-performance carbon wheels. Purpose built for every cycling situation, these wheels have been ridden to victory in the world's greatest races. They've also helped cyclists across the globe break personal barriers and discover the joy (and science) of speed.

Now Firecrest is reborn. Think high speed, low maintenance. The same great Firecrest rim, with its unmatched aerodynamic efficiency and crosswind stability, is now laced to the new low-maintenance 77/177 hubset. This improvement extends to the entire rim-brake Firecrest lineup from 202, 303, 404 and 808 Firecrest models as well as the 202 Tubular. The addition of Zipp's 77/177 hubset raises Firecrest to whole new level: Best-in-class durability and improved bearing protection with no pre-load adjustment needed. Zipp's exclusive resin for Firecrest is based on materials used in motorsports braking systems to effectively tolerate incredible spikes in heat caused by braking. The result: No heat related failures for Firecrest Carbon Clinchers

Firecrest Difference
Firecrest rim technology's revolutionary potential was discovered in 2010 when Zipp set out to offer its first Carbon Clincher wheel. Soon Firecrest revolutionized how we thought about wheel aerodynamics and interactions considering airflow over the front and back of the wheel vs. just front-to-back airflow. Our proprietary Firecrest rim rewrote the fundamentals of wheel making, resulting in improved aerodynamics, braking performance, ride quality, wheel strength, and stability in even the strongest of crosswinds. It remains the benchmark for:

Speed: Firecrest technology, with rims that maintain a near- constant width almost all the way to the spoke bed, is the first aero profile that effectively controls airflow around the back half of the wheel.

Stability: Firecrest wheels offer stable, predictable handling at every wind angle by moving the center of pressure the focal point of side forces on the rim  to its optimal location near the steering axis. 

Strength: A wider rim and proprietary resin system and manufacturing process increases lateral stiffness for sprinting and cornering yet offers greater vertical compliance for more control, comfort, and durability on rough surfaces.

Proven Palmarès
In September 2010, Zipp announced the expansion of Firecrest rim technology from the original 404 Carbon Clincher to tubulars and different rim depths. Just a month later, Australian Chris "Macca" McCormack, aboard brand new 808 Firecrest wheels, scorched the course at Kona to become Ironman® World Champion. In just a few short years, Firecrest wheels have been ridden to victory in many of the world's top cycling events and triathlons: