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Echelon Athlete Spotlight :...

Echelon Athlete Spotlight : Kyle Bridgwood


What is your specialist discipline?
I compete in both Road and Track, but specialize in the Individual Time Trial on the road.

How much do you train per week?
I average around 20-25hrs a week of training on the road, sometimes up to 30hrs depending on the upcoming event. Also about 3hrs a week in the gym.

What are your goals for 2016/17?
The big goal for 2016 was the Rio Paralympic games, the the main focus there being the ITT on the road. As for 2017, I'm not to sure where I'll be after Rio, pretty keen for some racing in Asia. 

You use Zipp wheels and Prologo saddles, how does this equipment work for you?
With the options you have in the Prologo saddles, it really helps to get the right saddle for you, so you can manage those big days in the saddle. Without a doubt Zipp wheels are the fasted I have ridden! Also now with Zipp 30 Course training wheels being the same width as the race wheels, it takes the stress out of having to mess around with the TT bikes brakes, which we all know can be difficult.




What motivates you to keep competing at this level? 

I just really love riding my bike and as long as you can still have fun, the motivation will be there! 

What is your favourite event? 
I will have to say the ITT. There is nothing like winning a TT, just you and the clock.

What is your favourite meal after an event/race?
I like pasta, especially spag bol.

Fondest sporting memory?
Winning the Road race in the Wounded Warrior trials in the US back in 2012, which was less than 1 year after being hit by a car, which in my head signified that I was coming back!     
What advice would you offer upcoming athletes in your discipline?
Train hard, dont forget the 1 %'s, but make sure you are having fun while doing it all :)