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Echelon Athlete Spotlight :...

Echelon Athlete Spotlight : Michael Owen


What is your specialist discipline?
Road cycling and sometimes mountain biking

How much do you train per week?
Normally about 20 hours per week

What are your goals for 2017?
Race the Queensland Road Team Series and various other stalwarts on the Cycling Queensland calendar.

You use Assos & Zipp product, how does this equipment work for you?
Life is too short to ride rubbish so I've always been a fan of wearing and riding the best I can. It's no secret that Assos have always been best in class in bike shorts and their latest offering in both bib shorts and jerseys are nothing short of phenomenal. I really notice it when I have to go back to wear club gear or other kit for racing and can't wait to get back into my favorite gear.

I feel the same about the wheels. Whilst I've often thought that good carbon wheels were all about the same I've now had my attitude realigned with the NSW range from Zipp. It's hard to believe such free speed can be attained and yet so stable in the cross winds. 808 NSW are pretty much go to no matter the race.

What motivates you to keep competing at this level?
Whilst I enjoy competing and having fun out on the bike I also love eating good food. 20 hours a week buys me a lot of calories to play with.

What is your favourite event?
Grafton to Inverell. Touted as Australia's toughest one day classic it more than lives up to it's tag line.

What is your favourite meal after an event/race?
Avocado on sourdough. This could be Australia's national dish these days surely?

Fondest sporting memory?
As unpopular as it often is seen, Lance in the 99 Tour de France was such a cool moment in sport for me. In recent times though it's hard to go past Mat Hayman in the 2016 Paris Roubaix - I think all of Australia's cycling community was on the edge of their seat that night.

What advice would you offer upcoming athletes in your discipline?
Talent doesn't trump hard work. I feel that the real talent is getting up each day an pushing yourself. Cyclists are made by putting in the hard work and there is no short cuts. We see it in nearly every sport - those who do more do better