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Scope: On the Edge of Modern Wheel Development
Every single detail of our wheels is developed in-house from our headquarters in The Netherlands. To challenge ourselves and to be up-to-date with the newest materials and technologies, we team-up with the following industry leading and scientific development partners.
A Revolution in Riding: My Time with the Tubolito MTB Tube
There's something about the open road. The call of it. The lure of unexplored trails, rough terrains, and the thrill of the ride. In such moments, the equipment you choose becomes a companion, and it's essential it doesn't let you down.
Understanding Drivetrain Wear and Lubricant Performance: Insights from Zero Friction Cycling's Test
In this video, Josh Poertner from Silca, explains the findings of Zero Friction Cycling's comprehensive test on various lubricants, exploring how they perform under different conditions and the impact they have on chain wear.
Castelli at the Grand Tours
Castelli has a rich heritage of creating revolutionary pieces of equipment which, over the years, have had a significant impact on the way cyclists dress.