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The simple solution to roadside inflation. Thread the cartridge on, press it onto the valve, and air is in your tire. No-nonsense approach that you can count on to get you home in a pinch. In 1982, SILCA developed the first regulated CO2 inflator. As Claudio himself explained: "Before EOLO, you had to turn the cartridge and pray!" Giving the user the ability to regulate the flow of...

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Silca Gravelero Mini Pump with Bottle Cage Mount

The Gravelero mini-pump builds from the same hose, chuck, and plunger design of our multi-award winning Tattico pump. Gravelero pushes 35% more air from the same overall length. The design has been further refined for gravel and off-road use with a smooth outer texture and improved sealing to keep dirt and mud away while making cleaning easy. Each Gravelero Mini Pump includes a frame mount...

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TATTICO MINI-PUMP BLACK TATTICO is a highly-efficient mini-pump with an ergonomic design that makes it easy to use in all conditions. Typical mini-pump gauges have issues of accuracy and size. The gauge can't be so big that it feels bulky in a jersey pocket nor can it be too small to read. Much like a high-end watch, the internal mechanism of an accurate pump gauge consists of a variety of...

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IMPERO ULTIMATE FRAME PUMP In the 1920's SILCA revolutionized roadside inflation with the creation of the IMPERO Frame Fit Pump. Within a few years SILCA frame pumps could be found on the bicycles of more than 80% of the professional peloton. Over the next 70 years the IMPERO would be the most widely used frame pump in the world. In 2015, SILCA relaunched the IMPERO ULTIMATE. Frame pumps...

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Silca Impero Ultimate II Frame Pump

IMPERO ULTIMATE II FRAME PUMP The perfect roadside option when a mini-pump just takes too long. The classic option for mobile inflation has been updated to use a two stage gasket, leather piston, and has a snug fit on the frame. Frame pumps are highly underrated. IMPERO ULTIMATE II features a unique 2-stage head gasket to provide ultimate sealing and holding even when compared to lever chuck...

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Silca Impero Ultimate II Pocket Hand Pump

POCKET IMPERO II The mini-pump to put all others to shame. The leather gasket and metal construction make this the most efficient mini-pump on the market. Save time and frustration with the Pocket Impero. Heat is the enemy of mini-pumps. More strokes generates more friction which produces more heat and heat is wasted energy. Unlike most mini-pumps, Pocket Impero does not suffer from...


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