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Tubolito S-Tubo MTB

Tubolito S-Tubo MTB Tube The smallest and lightest bicycle tube in the world, S-Tube is designed for those who value performance above everything else. S-Tubo's tiny size makes it the ideal spare tube on your rides. Due to a removable valve, S-Tubos can be rolled up to an extremely small size (Ø 3.5 x 5cm). Despite a very light weight of only 45g (29''), S-Tubos are as good...

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Tubolito Tubo MTB

Less is more: Tubo-MTB combines low weight and increased toughness. For 29” tires you’ll save more than 100 g per wheel compared to standard butyl tubes and get 2X the puncture protection. In addition, the packed tube size is reduced by half. Tubolitos are easily mounted and are a super lightweight alternative to tubeless systems. Ready for disc brakes. Tubolito has been a...

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Tubolito Tubo MTB Plus

Tubolito MTB Plus Tube Designed for 29+, 27.5+, and E-MTB standards. Lightweight, yet two times stronger than standard butyl tubes against punctures. Specifications Weight: 101g Width: 2.5'' - 3.0'' Valve: SV Presta 42mm FAQ What tyre pressure should I use with Tubolito tubes? Air pressure should be determined by the tyre specifications and road...

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Tubolito Tubo MTB PSENS

Tubolito Tubo-PSENS MTB Tire pressure can be a crucial factor for MTB riders. To measure it as fast and easily as possible we developed PSENS technology. Tubo MTB PSENS is the first smart bicycle tube in the world. A NFC chip, which is integrated in the tube, allows riders to measure the pressure with the help of an App via a smartphone. The Tubolito App is available for iOS (iPhone 7 or...

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